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Strategy is our aim, and goals are what we accomplish. Bring the two together, and you’ll find the Stragoa Group of Companies hard at work ensuring that our clients’ strategic goals are delivered.


It all started with a need for innovation, and new lease on life for the digital environment of the South African market. Something strategic and effective, aligned directly to Client requirements and expectations.

The solution? The inception of the youth-owned Stragoa Group of Companies in July 2021 by Johan Brink, backed by strong partnerships predominantly in the ICT Sector. Combining the experiences of corporate sustainability and operational effectiveness, the Group was established to go to the Southern African market with various solutions in primarily the digital sphere. Bringing in the model of divisional identity, the Group ensures direct accountability and responsibility where required.

Johan Brink - Founder & CEO


To limit the aspirations of a business is nonsensical. That’s our main approach in ensuring the Group’s sustainability and success. We reach our strategic goals by allowing innovation and reality to lead in each approach we take, not discounting potential challenges. The word “problem” does not mean inability for us – it means room for opportunity to prove that a challenge can be overcome.

The Stragoa Group of Companies aspire to grow firmly within various South African sectoral markets. To accomplish this, we’ve set the goal-posts to certain core fundamentals. The business is a youth-owned company, and although age usually equates to experience, our aim is to be a youth-inclusive business, where unique thought processes can be brought to the table, and be built up through sustainable, creative and strategic approaches to real-world requirements. There are no dumb ideas. Concepts with low feasibility now means another opportunity has come our way to learn about and form into a workable solution. These are ultimately the seeds of success.

Ensure and maintain healthy customer experiences

Remain up-to-date and in touch with the market, and adapt with the environment

Be responsible and accept accountability when needed

Never stop learning

Continue growing, while still remaining true to the basics

Innovate beyond what's possible now


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